Residential Design Process

Residential design and construction can be a very daunting process especially if it follows house construction.  DevonDezign is set up to help manage and negotiate this process with the client to ensure that a seamless service is offered as part of the turnkey solution for residential construction.  The key focus of DevonDezign is to ensure that the client is involved until the completion of the works where the house becomes a home.

The process can be as involved as the client requires and often is project dependent.  Typical project workflow and milestones are:

  1. Client brief and draft scope
  2. Initial site assessment including but not limited to: ground and airborne photography, site levels, existing services, environmental assessment
  3. Reverse brief and confirmation of scope with client
  4. Detailed site assessment
  5. Client update with detailed findings
  6. Concept development
  7. High level concept costing
  8. Concept presentation
  9. Preparation of detailed landscape plans including but not limited to levels and drainage, surface finishes, planting plans and construction details
  10. Preparation of landscape specification
  11. Detailed costing and assessment
  12. Detailed documentation review with client
  13. Final submission of full documentation package to client

Depending on the project involvement may be needed with a number of separate stakeholders that can include Council, service authorities, consultants, contractors, builders and other land owners.  DevonDezign is set up and capable to manage these stakeholders to ensure that the right outcome is provided for the client.